The challenge:

  • Designing and implementing an independent surveillance, analysis and security system
    for a wide area of the factory together with the bulk materials storage area and
    production premises
  • Preparing the infrastructure for the assembly in the premises
  • Preparing the security plan and response procedures in cases of unwanted
  • Analysis of production processes using algorithms to make improvements by
    eliminating irregularities and improving work effectiveness
  • Launching the heavy duties vehicles traffic management system
  • The implemented solution is to supplement currently used traditional security
    teams significantly increasing the efficiency of security and to implement new
    factory management tools


  • 2 SOPHUS Mast were installed
  • 7 IMVD, including 2 on the SOPHUS Mast were installed and put into operation and the remaining ones were installed on current infrastructure in the premises (also on the structures of production machine).
  • Video analysis criteria were agreed upon
  • Video detection algorithms were programmed
  • Operational procedures were developed
  • The system was launched in 24/7 mode
  • Automated alarm systems were made available for the physical security workers and the Response Teams
  • The on-line preview was made available for authorised employees of the client
  • Reporting methods were agreed upon

Products used:

… The implemented SOPHUS system which expands within the whole area of the bituminous mass factory located in the city Rychnowo has brought a new perspective to the electronic security

Apart from the security of the premises itself carried out in real-time, the SOPHUS system allows for the on-going analysis of the situation and events which occur in our company every day. Thanks to information generated in monthly reports, events are analysed, areas and actions, which must be improved, are defined to improve premises security processes and other processes, such as appropriate planning of logistics services.

The SOPHUS system may also independently define the scope of monitoring, which considering the variability of our production factories is a huge advantage.

We see other possibilities to define the next, new parameters and the scope of the SOPHUS system functionality, which may be used not only in our factories but also in construction sites of our company. Even though the SOPHUS
system is still being implemented, we can already see positive aspects of
cooperation, which in the future will translate not only to ensuring security on our premises but will also improve financial results.

Krzysztof Gil

The Office of the company Wytwórnia Mieszanek Asfaltowych, Zakupów Kruszyw i Logistyki.


  • Real improvement of the safety level at the STRABAG construction site – immediate response to all pre-defined unwanted events with 100% effectiveness and no false alarms
  • Constant premises analysis as regards the safety and effectiveness of carried out work as well as extraordinary events that require special attention
  • Organization of vehicle traffic – increasing safety of employees at work
  • Effective verification of the drivers’ work (engaged and subcontractors) arising from the LFR analysis (access control verified by the vehicles registration plates).
  • Effective enforcement of OHS regulations
  • Outsourcing type of cooperation guarantees the Client incurs no costs of investment and maintenance of the system.
  • 24/7 participation of independent operators of the Operational Centre SOPHUS in the surveillance and analysis of the premises.
  • Precise reports which provide summary of all events and results of video analysis in the agreed time periods and in the format selected by the client.
  • Attractive subscription fee for the services of the SOPHUS system.


SOPHUS has again proven its large possibilities.

It has proven itself in a very specialist production factory providing the management bodies with new knowledge on the processes occurring in the factory. The system actively influences not only the safety of the factory itself, but also the work order and employees’ safety.

At the same time, the project confirmed wide technical possibilities of SOPHUS.
Complicated infrastructure, large premises and machines and a difficult location