SOPHUS is a modern
vision, image analysis and response system


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It is based on an innovative technology of closed-circuit television, which optimises processes, reduces costs and increases profits.


It watches, sees, reacts...

More is seen by those who know what they are looking at – using the best technologies, we have taught our system to analytically view the reality it watches. This way, SOPHUS can perform numerous tasks currently performed by people, devices, or vehicles in a more accurate, efficient and safer way.  

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Przykłady działania systemu monitoringu

The range of possibilities in which the SOPHUS system can be used is only limited by our imagination. A thorough analysis allows us to solve, secure and improve each area of your business activity.

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First in Europe
surveillance system


in a subscription

Inteligentny monitoring Sophus

SOPHUS is based on a wireless data transfer via  a separated,
 secured network. 

IMVD can be installed regardless of any distance, and transmission independence within the mobile network infrastructure guarantees that images and information are transferred in a real time.

Mobilny system monitoringu Sophus
podgląd z urządzeń ikona

See events and alerts

zabezpieczenie przesyłu danych ikona

Your own video images broadband transfer network

system antysabotażowy ikona

Anti-sabotage system

niezależne zasilanie ikona

Independent power supply

SOPHUS not only monitors and responds to pre-defined events. The system is also able to perform works that cannot be performed by people: make statistics, draw conclusions, optimise processes, as well as to detect anomalies and dangers early enough.

It will not allow for the milk to be spilled!

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Sophus arranges and analyses information in a real time or uses historic data. This way, it identifies important events, creates statistics, provides objective summaries and helps to take key logistic, organizational and organizational decisions.

Zastosowanie monitoringu w mieście

It will detect danger early enough.

It detects unwanted activities, ensures comprehensive personal and property protection, and even informs and takes appropriate steps if the safety of the premises is violated.

In case of fire or possible accidents, it will inform appropriate services.


The human eye is highly imperfect compared to modern technology.  

However, thanks to various techniques, it sees more than humans.

System monitoringu noktowizyjnego


SOPHUS works in a modern, device and software environment developed by us - it can detect, evaluate, and signal events in a real time. It is based on advanced algorithms and it will not miss a thing. Professional operators working at the Operational Centre ensure that the system is fully intelligent 24/7.

It will have no problem to detect the vehicle speed, anluggage abandoned at the airport, or will count people present in a given zone...


SOPHUS can make analysis regardless of the number of traced parameters, types of analysed processes, nature of the area under surveillance, or purposes it is used for.

ikona dostarczanie danych

The system presents detail analysis and reports.

Raportowanie z kamer


SOPHUS always watches, sees and reacts. Each reaction is immediate and appropriate for the event. All events are registered in the data base, which can be analysed at any time and in any way.

Wykrywanie osób Sophus
Funkcje systemu sophus

Business processes

SOPHUS proves itself in any sector - production, logistics or commercial - it will prove itself in your sector as well.The use of appropriate algorithms allows us to optimise almost every process: products, service provision, or construction. Such an approach not only decreases costs but also influences the company's effectiveness.

Usprawnianie procesów biznesowych z sophus
Real advantages

SOPHUS offers a wide range of functionalities, of which many go beyond abilities of a human. It also ensures a wide range of additional advantages.

Korzyści z używania systemu monitoringu
All this is provided within the subscription,
which is even up to 8 times cheaper than human work.
centrum sophus ikona

Operational Centre SOPHUS is open 24/7.

Wsparcie techniczne ikona

Technical support provided by qualified
employees of SOPHUS company.

skuteczność systemu ikona

100% effectiveness and efficiency of activity according to agreed guidelines.

algorytmy sophus

Advances video detection algorithms guarantee high efficiency and reliability of the system

brak ograniczeń ikona

No limits as to the type of premises under the 24/7 surveillance

kontrola obiektów ikona

Premises monitoring considering OHS rules.

usprawnienie procesów ikona

Improvement of technological and production processes

raportowanie ikona

Development of detail reports and analysis according to the client’s guidelines

elastyczny system ikona

Flexible cooperation of the SOPHUS system with physical protection employees and/or officers

analiza obiektów ikona

Analysis of the premises according to the agreed guidelines

gromadzenie danych ikona

Collection of all video detection data from the premises under the surveillance to be used in analytical processes

współpraca z Sophus ikona

Flexible cooperation of the SOPHUS system with physical protection employees and/or officers

Own technical

Mobile IMVD device which enables you to use the system in places
difficult to access, in which it is not possible to use a fixed 230V power supply.

Przykładowy zestaw systemu monitoringu Sophus
integracja systemu ikona

Integration of
the SOPHUS system
with current monitoring.

wsparcie pracowników ikona

Technical support  
provided by employees of SOPHUS company.

przemieszczanie monitoringu ikona

Possibility to freely assemble and move the devices thanks to SOPHUS Mast

niezależne zasilanie ikona

Independent power supply AkuBox

Developed implementation

and many years of experience ensured by our employees 
guarantee stable operation of the whole system 24/7

Dodatkowe elementy systemu Sophus

Expanding the IMVD  functions

SOPHUS faces various requirements - operation without fixed power supply, gates or barriers control, two-way intercom type communication, automated messages, alarms signalisation, etc. SOPHUS AkuBox or SOPHUS NetBox are prepared to fulfil the mention and many more options.

centrum operacyjne Sophus

Operational Centre SOPHUS is open 24/7.

Our Operational Centre engages professionals. SOPHUS operators are an essential link in the system, which intelligently supports devices. The SOPHUS operator is an impartial and objective person.

Grupy interwencyjne Sophus

Response Teams

Our clients often expect us to immediately respond at the event scene. They may always count on the response of the response teams. SOPHUS cooperates with proven local security companies, which ensure effective intervention.

Activity sectors

Unlimited possibilities of the SOPHUS system allows us to adjust the system to the individual needs of our clients.

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