The challenge:

  • Designing and implementing the SOPHUS system in the client’s premises.
  • Identifying and providing surveillance in sensitive areas. Immediate response in case unwanted events are detected.
  • Implementing the SOPHUS system in the areas with difficult access.
  • The implemented solution is to supplement or replace currently used traditional responsibilities of selected workers, significantly increasing the efficiency of the work carried out by people, as well as to implement completely new premises management tools.
  • Collecting information concerning defined processes in the client’s premises to make improvements by eliminating irregularities and improving the work effectiveness.
  • Ensuring safety to people and property within the premises.
  • 24/7 system work.


  • Installation and launching dedicated IMVD within the premises of the client
  • In the event of the power supply failure, AKUBOX solution is implemented
  • In the event there is no appropriate infrastructure, SOPHUS MAST solution is implemented
  • If CCTV system is already implemented in the company, cameras currently used within the premises are connected to the SOPHUS system
  • Video detection and video analytics algorithms were programmed
  • Operational procedures were developed
  • The system was launched in 24/7 mode
  • Automatic notification system via text message, mms and/or e-mail sent to appointed employees concerning video detection algorithms was launched
  • Automated alarm systems were made available for the Response Teams
  • The on-line preview was made available for authorised employees of the client
  • Video analysis criteria were agreed upon
  • Reporting methods were agreed upon

Products used:


  • Gaining knowledge concerning processes within the premises which were not previously available
  • Supplementing or replacing human work with the system significantly increased work efficiency and confirmed that the system is 100%
  • Attractive subscription fee for the services of the SOPHUS system
  • Significant improvement in the safety level and the premises functionality compared to standard professional duties of the premises
  • Wireless transmission of all images in real-time to the Operational Centre of SOPHUS regardless of the number of the SOPHUS IMVD
    equipment used and location of the premises – within the frameworks of private APN SOPHUS bypassing the Internet
  • 24/7 and the on-going service provided by qualified operators from the Operational Centre of SOPHUS
  • 24/7 security, surveillance, and premises analysis
  • Reliability of the system – the system is never tired nor has worse days
  • Complete archives of video images – it is possible to fully review the events and respond to them
  • Total independence of the SOPHUS system – no possibility to get familiar with the employees of the premises or third parties
  • Mobility of equipment considering relocation of IMVD SOPHUS equipment depending on current needs of the client
  • Mobility of equipment considering relocation of IMVD SOPHUS equipment depending on current needs of the client
  • Immediate response to detected pre-defined unwanted events
  • Technical support from qualified employees of SOPHUS
  • Direct and immediate support of professional Response Teams in the event unwanted events are detected
  • Collecting all required information and data from premises under the surveillance to be used in analytical processes
  • Developing detail and precise reports by the Analyses Centre of SOPHUS
  • Continuous improvement of services quality by changing current procedures based on experience we gain
  • Flexible implementation of changes aimed at adjusting the system to current requirements.


Costs optimisation by implementation of the SOPHUS system, which supplements or replaces work carried out by people on the example of premises of STRABAG POLSKA Sp. z o.o. in the 2nd half of 2017.

Based on the announcements of the President of the Central Statistical Office from the 2nd half of 2017, it has to be concluded that the average cots of work carried out by people in the companies were at the level of PLN 6,000 monthly (considering contributions to national security company paid by the employer and the average number of holidays, but excluding all other costs, such as working clothes, medical leaves, etc.). It means that the average cost of work converting it one hour of work carried out by people was amounted to PLN 36 during the 2nd half of 2017.

Based on empirical data from 9 implementations of the SOPHUS system in the premises of the company STRABAD Polska, it was possible to calculate all costs incurred by the client on the operation of the SOPHUS system.

It was also possible to calculate number of working-hours that would be calculated for the client’s employees substituted by the SOPHUS system.

Comparison of the above-mentioned data shows that the estimated average costs of one hour of the SOPHUS system work was amounted to PLN 4.58. It means that the work of the SOPHUS system can be almost 8 times cheaper that work carried out by people.

At the same time, the SOPHUS system guaranteed a number of additional advantages, which are described above, including mainly an invaluable knowledge.