The challenge:

  • Taking over and including current CCTV system used in the premises in the SOPHUS system
  • Designing the surveillance system for important areas of the premises which until now were out of the CCTV system reach
  • Implementing video detection and video analytics algorithms to the system after the system development
  • Developing the system and supplementing it with video detection and video analytics algorithms is to supplement current traditional security teams significantly increasing safety level in the premises as well as to implement completely new tools to collect information on its functionality
  • Preparing the security plan and response procedures in cases of unwanted events
  • Improving work efficiency in the premises.


  • The SOPHUS server was implemented
  • Encrypted internet connection between the HUB and the system was launched
  • 29 cameras used in the premises were connected to the system
  • 2 pcs. of an 8-channel IP bridges were installed, which introduced video detection and video analytics algorithm grid to the video image
  • The system was launched in 24/7 mode
  • Video detection algorithms were programmed
  • Video analysis criteria were agreed upon
  • Operational procedures were developed
  • Automated alarm systems were launched for the physical security workers and the Response Teams.
  • The on-line preview was made available for authorised employees of the client.
  • Reporting methods were agreed upon.

Products used:

The SOPHUS system proves itself
perfectly in our company.

Thanks to the implementation of
the system, we have reduced costs of
the premises security to an absolute

Response of the SOPHUS Operational
Centre to unwanted events is

Periodic reports and data they provide
are very important for us and help us
when taking operational decisions.
In the light of current cooperation, we
plan to implement the SOPHUS system
in every object of our company in

I can highly recommend it.

Marek Bartkowski
CIO Scholz Polska Sp. z o.o


  • Using current CCTV system
  • Covering all important areas of the premises with the video monitoring system
  • Passive surveillance system has become an active tool to manage the premises and its safety
  • Improving effectiveness of work carried out by machines and employees
  • Continuous supervision of materials stored and processed in the premises (scrap material attractive on the market)
  • Changing the premises physical security structures thanks to information obtained from SOPHUS
  • 24/7 participation of independent operators of the Operational Centre SOPHUS in the surveillance and analysis of the premises
  • Precise reports which provide summary of all events and results of video analysis in the agreed time periods and in the format selected by the client.
  • Flexible implementation of changes aimed at adjusting the system to the changing conditions.


The client was brought to SOPHUS directly by the employee of T-Mobile company. Thanks to cooperation between both companies, many services can be connected with one another and that means more measurable advantages to final clients:

  • better technical structure
  • better work organisation
  • higher safety level
  • costs optimisation

Client satisfaction is confirmed by the fact that the first implementation
(in the headquarters) became the precedence for next implementation in other branches of the client.