• • Designing and implementing a pilot, independent analysis system in a model large-format market.
    • Implementing video detection possibilities of SOPHUS to practice as well as mechanisms of using them in real-time.
    • Developing effective notification mechanisms.
    • Proving in practice the effectiveness of obtaining reliable information on the functionality of various processes in the market by using video detection algorithms.
    • Proving the possibility to use video detection and video analytical algorithms to improve the results of the market.
    • Developing effective methods of analysis results reporting.



• 24 IMVD were installed and put into operation
• Video analysis criteria were agreed upon
• Video detection and video analytics algorithms were programmed
• Operational procedures were developed
• The system was launched in 24/7 mode
• Automatic system notifying appointed employees about the alerts from video detection algorithms via text message and/or e-mail was implemented
• Automated alarms for unwanted events were implemented
• The on-line preview was made available for authorised employees of the client
• Reporting methods were agreed upon

Products used:

… SOPHUS is a system that we could only dream about until now. We made many trials to analyse our processes in real-time, using various methods, but only the intelligent monitoring solution turned out to be the home run. SOPHUS shows that it is not only possible to obtain reliable statistics post factum, but also an active response to the dynamically changing situation “here and now”. Thanks to the system it is finally possible to effectively predict events. What is more, we have gained invaluable operational knowledge thanks to the system, which allows us to better organise processes in our shops as well as significantly improve the economic effectiveness of the whole organisation.


Jan Hodowany
Safety Department and Loss Prevention
Department Director


  • Precise counting of people who enter the premises together with the information if a person enters with a shopping cart or basket – control of the number of opened cash registers
  • Notification to the appointed employee if there is a risk that the cold chain will be interrupted
  • Immediate automated information to the market manager on the growing queue and the necessity to open additional cash registers – maintaining the TwoInFront rule
  • Analysis of work of employees in dedicated areas – client service time, length of queue, etc.
  • Analysis of pedestrian traffic in the market
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of short-term advertisements
  • 24/7 participation of independent operators of the Operational Centre SOPHUS in the surveillance and analysis of the premises
  • Precise reports which provide summary of all events and results of video analysis in the agreed time periods and in the format selected by the client
  • Flexible implementation of changes aimed at adjusting the system to minimize the risk of statistical errors


SOPHUS has proven the effectiveness of analysis of the retail type area. Continuous analysis of the area by using video detection algorithms has proven 100% on-line effectiveness in all cases which required notification or alarm. Video analytics algorithms have provided an extensive knowledge of processed within the shop. The use of this potential has led to many changes in the organization:

  • increased effectiveness in human resources management
  • significantly decreased number and size of losses
  • enabled improvement of the shop’s offer and its form of presentation
  • improved economical aspects of the shop functionality